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  • Bob Brooks

What To Do If You Miss a Credit Card Payment had an interesting result of a credit card survey that they took. The survey said that "40 million Americans (16 percent of adults) think they will miss at least one credit card due date in 2019. The average American household already owes a near-record $8,200 to credit card companies."

With records amounts of credit card debt and credit card companies willingness to give out credit, at some point we should start seeing a problem. Debt has an end game. So, if you are juggling credit card debt and you are concerning that you will miss a payment, here are some tips.


At all costs, stay current. Once you miss a credit card payment, you start into motion a series of very negative events. If you end up defaulting, then you are dealing debt collectors and possibly legal action. It is something you can’t undue. You will in some form or fashion be dealing with that default for decades to come.

(2) Call the credit card company

If you do miss a credit card payment, call the credit card company and start a conversation. You want to keep your conversation positive and focused on getting back on track. There is no need to alarm them. Keep it positive! If you alarm the company, they might close your account. However, don’t ignore the situation. The ramifications are to great.

(3) Ask them to cancel the late penalty

If you were late and you paid making your account current, go ahead and ask the to forgive the late payment. For first time offenders, most of the time they will. However, they won’t unless you ask!

Oftentimes, when we encounter financial trouble, we will close our eyes, ignore the situation, and hope it magically goes away. With credit card debt, you have to hit it head on and make sure it does not become a huge problem. The consequences of mistakes are too costly.

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