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  • Bob Brooks

Who are the Power Players in a Biden Presidency?

Unless President Trump can pull out a miracle, Joe Biden will remain President Elect. The problem is that he will have a tough time proving his case to the extent that it would overturn the election. Even if it is as corrupt as he claims, they should have their bases covered. Yes, it is corrupt there is no question. Yes, getting the election overturned is a low probability.

The voting recounts make sense. In fact Senator Ted Cruz on Fox News said the system was built to provide plenty of time to go through recounts. Having said that, recounts rarely change election results. If I recall, I think that they have until December 8th. President Trump like any other Presidential Candidate has the right to call a recount and should have the right to do so.

Now let’s shift to the real question. Will the Democrats take over the Senate? There are two Senate seats that are up for grabs in January recounts. One of those seats will most likely go to the democratic candidate. The other has the Republican winning by the slimmest of margins. If the Democrats win those two seats they take control of the Senate and the house giving the Democrats the ultimate control. The ultimate control is control where there are no checks and balances and this would be one of those times. Remember, this isn’t the Democrat party of old. There is a huge socialist/progressive movement inside that party with radical ideas.

On the other hand, if the Republicans regain control of the Senate then the next two years Joe Biden will get nothing accomplished as politics vote on party lines.

So, where will the power shift to in a Biden Presidency? James Rickards wrote this in an article on the Daily Reckoning. He basically said there would be 3 groups that would influence the White House and contend for the ultimate power:

The first camp is the Biden family led by Joe Biden’s wife Dr. Jill Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden’s brothers Jim Biden and Frank Biden. These are the individuals who have been enriched through association with Joe Biden by using or selling access to Biden’s power to win lucrative investment management roles, consulting engagements, construction contracts and other remunerative pursuits.
The Biden family will want to keep Joe in power (with Jill Biden pulling the strings) in order to keep their shakedown operation intact and avoid scrutiny.
The second camp is led by Kamala Harris and those who control her, including the Obama crew and the Resistance. If Biden is removed under the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, Harris becomes Acting President. If Biden resigns under threat of removal, Harris becomes the president.
She would be a front for the Obamas and Valerie Jarrett who would operate through a cabinet consisting of Obama family retainers including Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Sally Yates and Eric Holder.
The third camp is led by the extreme left wing of the party including Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (and The Squad), Elizabeth Warren and radical organizations such as BLM. This group is already embedded in the Biden campaign as part of a deal whereby Bernie Sanders agreed to end his primary campaign and endorse Joe Biden in exchange for Biden adopting most of the Sanders platform.

The first camp is the same old corrupt politics of the establishment.The second and third camps have radical ideas.Given Senate control, this country will look drastically different 4 years from now.  Without a Trump Presidency, everything hinges on these two races in Georgia.  

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