• Bob Brooks

Why Do People Fail at Retirement?

The statistics are alarming. They simply point towards two probable outcomes regarding the future. People are not going to be ready for retirement and there is likely a retirement crisis coming.  From my vantage point, this statistic should not look that bad. I think there is a path for retirement for most everyone. The challenge is understanding the right steps to take along that path. You have to start with knowing the appropriate steps to take. If you listen to pop culture finance, they will tell you all you have to do is save a certain percentage and you will be just fine. The reality is that it goes much deeper than just saving. There are actually 5 steps for you to take. If you are good at implementing 5 steps, your probability of retiring on your own terms are great! These 5 steps and a whole lot more will be covered on January 25th at our second annual retirement/investment workshop. This annual event is designed to tackle the issues of the current year and in this case - the decade. We are going to cover the following:

The 5 steps to retirement success 1. How to protect your 401 (K) plan 2. A forecast of 2020 and what risks might effect the markets 3. Why today's stock market looks a lot like 1999/2000 4. The one risk no one is paying attention to and it is a risk that could dramatically effect your 401 K dollars 5. How social security integrates into retirement Yes, and I promise to teach in plain English so that everyone will understand! The event is for one hour on Saturday, January 25th at 10 am with a Q&A to follow. I will be there until the last question is answered. Go ahead and register LINK today - seats are filling up -