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  • Bob Brooks

Why We Don't Plan

The statistics show that America is in bad financial shape; don't have enough money for emergencies, are not prepared for retirement, and have too much debt. The statistics also show that Americans don't plan. Some studies show 13% have a 5 year plan. Some say 20%. The bottom line is that America does not plan. So, said another way, the average American has no idea of how they are going to get out of debt, retire, or handle a simple emergency. If there is a problem, why not get help? There are a lot of reasons you can point to - don't have the time, don't know who to call, don't want to go through the process, don't want to face finances with their spouse, etc. You are ready to deal with change because you are so tired of your situation. Yet, you don't take any action.

Why? I think it comes down to a combination of things.

First, it comes down to guilt about where they are in life.

You never imagined yourself to be in this place. No one ever in their younger years declared "my goal is to be behind financially by the time I am in my 40's". You have a choice. You can let your past hold you back or you can learn from your past and make better different decisions going forward. The bottom line is you are where you are..... now do something about it.

Second, it is too embarrassing to share with someone

The right financial adviser isn't concerned with where you are today. They are concerned with where you are going. They have seen it before. The last thing you are getting is judgment. It is about fixing the situation. There is no embarrassment needed!

Third, you assume that you are part of a small minority of people who are behind and don't have it together. (Which just adds to the embarrassment).

As I said earlier, the surveys show otherwise. A person can easily look like they have it all together financially. The truth lies behind the door in their house they have all locked up. People don't broadcast their financial woes. I would refer to it as a silent epidemic.

Remember, you can take the past and put it in the past as long as you carry the "learning" from past mistakes with you into the present. If not, that past will continue to haunt long as you let it! Get a plan and start changing the future one decision at a time.

Bob Brooks is a Financial Adviser who practices in the DFW area. He is also the host of the Prudent Money Radio Show. If you want to contact Bob, please call 972-386-0384 or send us an email to

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