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  • Bob Brooks

Will I Be Able to Retire?

There are three types of people in the world today. There are those who are confident that they are going to retire. There are those who assume that they are going to retire. There are those who assume that they will never retire. What does the first group of those who know understand about retirement that the other two don't? The answer is pretty simple.

Those who know that they will retire have a plan and they are carrying it out.

Now, that might make most people stop dead in their tracks. It has been my experience that most people don't have a plan because they think it is too much of a time commitment to pursue and quite frankly the number one reason is that they don't want to know the answer and just live with the assumption that everything will work out. The reality is that they are missing out on 3 simple unrealized advantages that a plan offers.

A Plan Is Available for Everyone and It Is Never too Late to Start

One of the greatest misconceptions about having a retirement plan is that it is only for those who have money. Another misconception is that it is too late for me. That couldn't be further from the truth. Let's say that you are going to paint a picture. You have two choices. You can paint a picture that is outlined and is set up to paint by the numbers or you can start with a blank canvass. The paint by the numbers offers you the opportunity to paint a picture...someone else's idea of what the picture looks like. A blank canvass is your interpretation of what retirement looks like. You have the freedom to be creative. Most plans are like painting in the lines which only applies to people with certain characteristics. The answer is getting creative and creating a plan based on where you are and where you want to be without preconceived ideas.

A Plan has a PLAN A and a PLAN B

Most people worry about things that could go wrong. What if the stock market crashes? What if my spouse dies prematurely? What if we never get out of debt? All of these worries are addressed in a plan. A good plan has contingencies. We would like to think that we are going to live a Plan A life. In fact, the vast majority of traditional plans are designed to work when things only go right. What if life really happens (and it will)? What is your Plan B? An effective plan has that handled giving you peace of mind. Which leads me to the most important advantage...

A Plan Gives You Peace of Mind

What you don't know won't hurt the old saying goes. That is not only a "saying" it is most people's plan. You can just assume away life thinking everything will surely work itself out. I am all about positive expectancy. With retirement, you need to back up those assumptions and positive expectations with some facts and contingencies. The only thing being conveniently uninformed does is create worry deep in the back of your mind. Why live a life without peace of mind? It is not necessary.

You are probably wondering at this point, where can I start the process? You can start with your financial advisor. If you don't have one, I would like to step in and help you get that peace of mind. We can start a conversation by either calling Judy to set up a time on the phone at 972-386-0384 or emailing me at We have a simple process that anyone can go through to create a plan once and for all!
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