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  • Bob Brooks

Will You Owe Taxes and Not Have the Money to Pay?

IRS tax expert is who you need to call! I wanted to share this video with you. Dan and I have done interviews on the show for over 15 years. In fact, he is going to be on this Thursday. If you are running into troubles, see below.

Taxes are done...but you owe money.

If you are struggling to find a way to comply with your 2018 tax burden, this video is for you! Watch Now!

By watching this video you will learn valuable insights including: • What to do if you can’t pay by April 15. Hint: File your return anyway. Otherwise, the IRS hits you with penalties for failure to file, which can add up to 25 percent of the tax. • The filing extension, IRS Form 4868, does not give you more time to pay. Even if you’re on a filing extension to October 15, you must still pay the taxes by April 15. Now what? • One of the IRS’s best-kept secrets is Form 1127. Use this if can pay within 6 months. • If six months are not enough, your best option may be to seek an installment agreement. • Can you cancel your penalties? Government studies show that the typical delinquent tax bill grows by 270 percent because of interest and penalties. Whatever you do, avoid the urge to hide from the problem! Be proactive about seeking a solution. If you don’t, you’ll face potential wage and bank levies, tax liens and perhaps property seizures. And, it may take years to get your life back to normal. Watch Now! Still have questions? Dan Pilla’s best-selling book, How to Get Tax Amnesty, shows you how to handle every kind of tax debt case. It takes you through the different programs the IRS has available, including "The Fresh Start Program".

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