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  • Bob Brooks

Yet Another Internet Scam

Being in this position as a financial advisor as well as a radio show host, I come across a lot of information. Lately I have been receiving examples of scams...ingenious scams. It leads me to believe that internet thieves are getting more advanced with their scams. A listener sent me this scam that her sister received: 

"Can you tell me what you know about World Bank? I know a lady that received 50,000 government grant from them, or through them, and said she didn’t have to pay back. So, I inquired about information and requirements to apply and this is what I got back. See below.

This is a new program affiliated with World Bank to help people in need for bills and debts, going to school, starting their own business, or even helping raise their children with old and retired people. Your information is confidential and will only be used in researching new funding opportunities for you to apply.

Are you ready to fill the form now?

Full Name:

Full Home Address:


Your Age:


Text Phone Number:


Hearing or Deaf:

Monthly income:

Do you have a car:

What do you do for living:

Do you Own a house or Rent Apt:

Do you want cash or Check:

Reason For Applying:"

What's genius about this scam is that the scammers are using a legitimate organization as a front. The website - is a legit website and organization. Yet, someone is using the name world bank with a different url/website address to pull off the scam. The listener told me that the scammers hijacked her computer. World bank is aware of the scam.

The bottom line is the old saying that always holds true. "If it is too good to be true, it is too good to be true." Learn not to trust so fast.  
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