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Prudent Money Values
Invest, Grow, Protect. This is Stewardship.

What is stewardship? Have you taken the time to really digest its meaning? At its core, we believe it is about a stewardship relationship that embodies three words: Invest, Grow, and Protect. 

  1. Invest – Invest your time, resources, and talents by living a Mathew 6:24 life. 

  2. Grow – Grow that relationship by living outside of your comfort zone. 

  3. Protect – Protect that stewardship relationship against risk. 

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We meet you where you are

We live in a world of minimums. Financial advisors demand that you are at a certain place financially before they will even talk to you. We meet you where you are, versus meeting when you are where you think you should be. 


Improve your today and better your financial tomorrow.

Life is a series of decisions. We have all made right ones and wrong ones. Prudent Money helps determine where you are today and improve on it to better your financial tomorrow, one decision at a time.

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Rethinking beliefs about money.

Pop-culture finance wants you to live in a world of beliefs where dealing with money is easy. Money is not always easy to understand. At Prudent Money, we strive to make finances easy for you to understand by rethinking beliefs on the world of money.  


Lifelong learning.

You don’t have to be an expert.  We walk alongside our clients and teach them how to make informed decisions about money. 

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Gardening Together


Invest, Grow, Protect. This is Stewardship.

We believe that if your life’s values focus on those three components, that is indeed stewardship.


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