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From personal financial planning to investment account management, Prudent Money exists to help the modern-day steward reach their goals. When choosing Prudent Money, you are choosing to work with real people who support and walk with you in all areas of life. Improve your today and better your financial tomorrow.

Radio Show

About Bob Brooks

Bob Brooks is in his 32nd year of being a Financial Advisor. He graduated from Baylor in 1990 with a degree in Financial Planning and Services. He felt that his calling was to help people solve financial problems and reach their goals. Most importantly, he felt even stronger about teaching stewardship principles to help people become prudent stewards of what God has given to them.   


In January 2002, he started the Prudent Money Radio Show. The show is designed to teach people the other side of the story of money done so through the lens of prudent stewardship.   


In 2009, he published his first book, Deceptive Money. He wrote the book to teach people how to get out of debt the right way. It was a 3-year project that covers the problem of debt from every angle and gives the reader the solutions that they need. 

Bob has been married to his wife Cheri for 25 years.  They have two boys, Grayson and Blaine, both in college. They reside in Dallas, Texas. 

Deceptive Money

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Invest, Grow, Protect. This is Stewardship.

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