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Women, Money, and Marriage 

Financial Empowerment for Women


Hello, everyone! My name is Thia.


I want to invite you to an upcoming webinar, " Women, Money, and Marriage-Financial Empowerment for Women" catered to women.


According to "Financial Planning" Magazine, women currently control $10 trillion of wealth in the U.S., an amount expected to triple by the end of the decade.  


 Bob wants us to be prepared. He will address 3 key takeaways:


First, identify the most common money error made and how to correct it. It is not too late!


Second, Bob will teach 7 areas of financial risk to avoid.  Then introduce helpful questions to ask when creating a game plan.


Third, Bob will talk about 7 critical communication behaviors to effectively communicate money matters and change conversation outcomes. 


As a bonus, Bob will suggest how to identify your goals and values to maintain a strong financial etiquette.

This 45-minute webinar is going to be held Thursday, June 17th at 7 PM CST in the evening.  To register, click below on the "Book now" tab.   

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.