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Are These Stock Trading Newsletters Worth The Money?

Like anything, there are good stock trading newsletters, and then there are bad ones. The key is to get an idea of if you can trust them or not up-front. Performance can be hit or miss because no one is that good at picking stocks, regardless of what a self-proclaimed guru says. Here are some red flags:

You can earn 3,000%!

The guru shows you picture after picture of stocks that he or she has invested in and made outrageous amounts of money. It is easy and takes only a few minutes each week - so he claims.

Best Stock Trader in the Country

You have nothing to lose because you get stock information from a world-renowned guru. They have predicted every major stock market crash—the market's big claims. I haven’t even heard of most of these individuals.

Never talks about the ideas that didn’t work

There is no trader that I know of who is immune to losses. In fact, the best of the best are probably only right 1/3rd of the time. Always inquire about the losses or the ideas that didn’t work out. If they are unwilling or just don’t have anything to tell you, check them off the list on a move on.

Notice how they Market their Subscription

The more aggressive they are with marketing…, the bigger the red flag. First, they make a prediction of something very bad that is going to happen. Second, they sensationalize this forecast with graphic detail. Finally, they tell you that you cannot only survive, but you can prosper. All you have to do is subscribe to this letter.

Good luck with the unsubscribe button. They send this email out through numerous emails disguised as financial websites when they are just random email lists. Thus far, I have counted 38 different sites for just one of the new subscribers. Sites such as Daily Stock Alerts, 24/7 charts, Daily Investor, Trader Lifestyle, Confidential T., Income shortcut, Investors Bureau, etc., are used for distribution purposes. If you look up these “sites,” they don’t exist. They will hit your inbox five or six times a day.

Aggressive marketing speaks to credibility. You certainly don’t want someone giving you advice with your money when they would do anything just to get you to sign up.

So, are there any stock newsletters worth looking into?

If you want an investment newsletter run by a guy with integrity, go check Sean Hyman at Also, check out Gregory Mannarino at


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