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Did the Government Mis-Calculate the Unemployment Numbers?

The stock market goes up and down based on economic data revealed from numerous sources. A stock market supported by healthy economic reports supports healthy profits and a bull market anytime. What if those numbers were grossly miscalculated to the point of making it a material mistake?

Whether it be a miscalculation, mistake, or outright manipulation, the government has been doing it for years. The media either casts a blind eye to it or avoids these types of “conspiracy” stories all together. After all, the majority of media outlets are owned by Corporate America, which has a better chance of profiting when the numbers look good (whether a mistake or on purpose). Some of these stories are minor discrepancies here and there or stories of outright cover-ups that never get reported.

Is it a conspiracy story if there is factual/provable evidence involved?

This Saturday, February 4th, I will show you what a government agency uncovered. They called out the White House on what was either a miscalculation (giving a benefit of the doubt, although a tiny miscalculation wouldn’t have produced this big of a miss) or a flat-out lie. In an environment where some are calling for a severe recession in 2023, a mild recession, or no recession at all, this story is significant. In fact, if it were reported accurately during 2022, would the stock market be where it is today? Are we already in a recession, and it is just not being reported?

Make sure you carve out 50 minutes this Saturday, February 4th, at 10:00 AM CST, and watch my webinar entitled 2023 and Your Money. This is information that you need to know. This could be a significant year in so many ways. After all, what does the year entail that follows the rise and fall of Covid, the beginning of inflation, the start of a bear market in stocks and bonds, and what looks like a recession?


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