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Do You Want To Save Some Money? 

Audit your credit cards and bank account statements. If you are like me, you sometimes are compulsive when it comes to signing up for monthly subscription services. Unfortunately, it is a lot more problematic today, considering that there has been a tremendous rise in heavily marketed subscription opportunities.

Chances are, you are paying for a subscription or service you no longer need or want. Who has taken out a free trial to a subscription and forgot to cancel it? Or worse, you cancel it, and they start charging you anyway?

Some of the monthly culprits:

Cell Phone - you could be loaded with charges or expenses you could have opted out of.

Movie and TV show Streaming - Showtime, HBO, YouTube, Netflix, Discovery, amazon, and that is only a small list!

Cable and Satellite Subscriptions

Book subscription services like or are easy to hang onto because you might want to listen to or read a book someday.

Companies love to sell and market subscriptions because it is revenue that pays month in and month out. Customers who don't even use the subscription find a way to rationalize keeping them active. Plus, don't forget about the subscribers who have just forgotten to cancel and continue to get charged.

With inflation as high as it is, it pays to spend money wisely. The key is to ensure you are "intentionally" spending money and not throwing money away. There is no telling the savings you will find.


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