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God's Resources Are 100% Inflation Proof

A dear friend sent this to me the other day. I shared it in my beginning of the year webinar – 2023 and Your Money. It is from Charles Stanley's Daily Bible.

When you limit yourself to your own abilities and resources, you run out of both commodities very quickly. But when you focus your faith on what God can do, you discover an infinite supply that cannot be measured or depleted. God's resources are 100% inflation-proof and recession-proof."

What a powerful message! When it comes to money, we tend to go at it alone while making decisions based on minimal information and fear-driven beliefs and ideas. When we include God and do it God's way, we say "yes" to confidence and courage and "no" to fear.

Most importantly, God can direct us to resources that we could never have imagined or knew existed.

Remember, it is always a choice!


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