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How Long Will Inflation Last? Employment Numbers? What Will Define 2023?

Even though the numbers are suggesting that the worst of inflation is behind us, it sure doesn’t look like it. Will Inflation define 2023 like it did in 2022? What about a recession? Will a recession define 2023? What about the stock market? A positive January suggests a positive year. Is the Bear Market over?

How will politics shape 2023 with the Presidential elections right around the corner in 2024? Finally, what about the unemployment numbers? Is employment as strong as Washington wants you to believe? What if these job numbers are wrong, say by over a million jobs? What then?

What opportunities or risks does 2023 bring to your Money? Join me Saturday, February 5th, at my live webinar event at 10:00 AM CST, and we will take a look at 2023 and Your Money. We will take an easy-to-understand dive into the themes that could shape and define 2023 and affect your money.

Most importantly, we will make sense of what doesn’t make sense and give you the other side of the story. We should get done in around 45 to 50 minutes and leave plenty of time for questions and answers.

Just go to this link and sign up today.


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