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Inflation, Stocks, And Bonds - What You Need To Know

I wanted to take a moment of your day and talk with you about the webinar I will be presenting next week. I usually let the radio spots and website let you know there will be a webinar you can attend. This time around, I want to be more intentional because I think it is that important. I will be sharing information that has come from decades of research. I am truly excited about this particular webinar because I think it is information that can only help with the stewardship of your investments. From inflation to declining investments to mid-term elections, there could not be a more important time to expand your thinking on how investing works.

I have it divided up into five questions you need to know. These five questions can help shape your future retirement goals. Yes, there will be a lot of information crammed into a 40 to 45-minute time slot. I will coach you during the webinar on what is essential to know and be intentional about seeking further information. I am also going to share information that completely shifted how I looked at investing back in 2002 and that occurred after having been in the business for ten years.

I know that there is great competition for your time and that you could attend more than a few webinars on any given week. I hope that you choose to invest a portion of your day and further hope that you will agree with me that this information caused you to re-think your beliefs about money. If you have any questions ahead of time, let me know by emailing me at

Keep the Faith


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