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Is Inflation Over?

If you are expecting prices of goods, services, eating out, food, etc. to come down, you might want to take a moment and listen to the radio show interview I did on Tuesday, June 25, 2024. Charlie Wise is Senior Vice President and Head of Global Research for Transunion. Transunion is one of the big three credit reporting agencies and a powerhouse of information and research. They don’t need to do surveys. They have all of the consumer information in their databases and are about as accurate as you can be. 

Charlie and I discussed inflation in-depth and where prices are today. Will they go down? What Charlie had to say about it might just change your perspective. 

If Charlie is right, and I think he is, inflation should just about be over with. This puts all eyes on the Fed and whether they decrease interest rates or not. If they decrease rates too soon, they risk prices going higher.  

You can listen to the whole interview, which I highly encourage, or go to 4:06 of the interview to hear his take on current prices. 


Listen to Bob’s podcast with Senior Vice President and Head of Global Research at TransUnion Charlie Wise by clicking here


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