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Making Choices At The Ballot Box

Published on October 11, 2022 / Written by Daniel J. Pilla

This is an excellent piece written by Prudent Money Contributor and IRS expert Dan Pilla. I encourage everyone to read this and share it on your social media platforms.

"America is divided culturally and spiritually more now than at

any time since the Civil War era. The winners of approaching

mid-term elections will not just direct policy over at least the

next two (or more) years, but will affect the fundamental

structure of our nation. Indeed, many of today's candidates,

following the lead of former President Obama, wish to

"fundamentally change America." But they don't tell you

what that means. That's the purpose of this discussion. My goal

here is not to tell you whom to vote for, but rather, to argue

what to vote for. To begin with, let us understand exactly what the fundamental principles of America are. Only then can we make an

informed decision about whether to vote to change them."

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