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New Scam Drains Your ATM – Read Below – Very Believable!

Anytime I come across these stories, I want to share them so you can tell when someone is trying to scam you. This one is believable. However, if you followed the Golden Rule of Identity Theft, you would know to stay away. It goes like this –

If you are ever approached by someone wanting personal information, disengage and verify with the entity they supposedly represent that it is a legit inquiry. Always look up a new phone number, text number, or email address and not the one a scammer might give you to verify.

An approach could be a phone call, a text, a person showing up at your front door, an email, etc. - disregard the approach. One more time – an approach is someone who reaches out to you without your request. Take a moment and read how this lady was scammed out of $160,000 in a matter of weeks.

Story here

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