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Quick to Criticize - The Luka Doncic Example

What if we didn’t feel the need to react? Reactions mostly to other people's actions occur when a person does or says something that triggers a personal reaction by another person. Oftentimes, these reactions are knee-jerk reactions full of emotion, energy, and ego. 

I think that NBA All-Star and Dallas Maverick Luka Doncic is an excellent example for my point. Recently, in game three of the Boston and Dallas basketball finals, the Mavericks lost a close game that many felt they should have won. However, they had a great deal of criticism for Luka, their star player. The criticism was centered around his reaction every time the referees called a foul against him or missed a foul call that affected him. He would dramatically approach the official and start arguing the case instead of staying focused on the basketball game, which in most cases, would start while he was still arguing with the official.   

The ironic aspect is that they rarely change the minds of the officials. Yet, they try as if it will.    

However, don’t we want the world to know that we think we have been wronged? I thought a lot about this last week. Are we any different (beyond the fact we are not NBA superstars)? 

Calling a foul on a player signifies that the player has done something wrong. The player almost always disagrees and might as well scream, “This isn’t fair.” Meanwhile, life has resumed for the other players and the game will continue with or without Luka’s participation. Thus, had he accepted his error and run down the court to get into position for the next play, he might have found an incredible opportunity to score or make a big defensive stop. 

When we complain and protest about something that dare I say was “unfair,” are we any different? We throw our hands in the air and complain. Just like Luka, our life stops for a moment while we fight for our opinion. While engaged in arguing, life goes on without us. Do you have Luka moments in your own life? 

Arguing doesn’t really change things 

Life is going to seem unfair at times. You can complain or accept it and move on. Granted, there are moments in life just like in basketball when the wrong is so egregious we have to argue/negotiate/debate our position. However, the majority of life’s moments don’t fit that profile and we argue about unimportant things.   

You Might miss an Incredible Opportunity that God had on the other end of the Court 

If we spend our time trying to convince the world that we are right, we might just miss out on what God wants to do in our lives. Debate if you really feel it is necessary and not an “I have been wronged,” “I’m entitled to better treatment,” and “Life’s unfair” moment. See what God is trying to teach you and keep your eyes on the doors God might be opening for you rather than investing your time into attempting to prove your opinion is right. It is more important to trust God’s direction even when the ball doesn’t bounce our way. 

It is fair to note that Luka listened to the criticism. In the next game, they blew out Boston by 40 points! On to game 5!! 


Bob Brooks is the host of the Prudent Money Radio Show heard every weekday from 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM on FM Radio 91.3 KDKR 


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