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Teachers To Spend 3.2 Billion…..On Their Classrooms

It is that time of the year. Kids moan, and parents rejoice! School is starting back up again. While parents pick up a new lunchbox, maybe a new backpack, and school supplies, teachers spend a great deal of time and money making sure that their classrooms are ready for high-impact learning.

In a new report from MyElearningWorld, they found that the average teacher in the US will spend $820 out-of-pocket on their classrooms this year.

When you crunch the numbers, that means teachers across the US will spend $3.2 billion on their classrooms this year. This is what is even more ridiculous. Thanks to the politicians, teachers can only deduct $300 on their tax returns! Considering how much money Congress wastes, a tax credit up to a much higher amount would be a good use of taxpayer dollars. Doesn't that seem like a no-brainer?

On average, teacher spending this year will look like this:

  • Non-consumable supplies (books, software, etc.) – $193.55

  • Classroom decor – $172.23

  • Consumable supplies (pencils, paper, etc.) – $142.70

  • Food & Snacks – $121.39

  • Prizes – $119.74

  • Cleaning supplies – $70.53

So, parents, consider passing the plate at the first open house and give your child's teacher some financial assistance this year! After all, it is all for the kids!! Here's the full link to the study:

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