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The Imperfect Retirement Plan

Register today for the next Prudent Money webinar – How to Build a Simple Retirement Plan

One of the aspects of the retirement planning process that I will cover in the Webinar next week is one of the biggest flaws of the retirement planning process. Oftentimes, a plan is viewed as a final act to follow to get you to your retirement dreams.

Create and stick with the plan – it represents the perfect course. The more you view your retirement being as the perfect plan, the less likely it is to work long-term. Be careful with the strategy that advises just to follow A+B+C, and you will reach your retirement dreams.

If God were to come down and declare that all change will cease to occur, then the perfect plan would exist. All you would have to do is take that leatherbound financial plan you made a lot of money for and wipe the dust off it—no need to check it because you are doing what the plan says to do.

Of course, life does not work that way.

In my opinion, the perfect plan is the imperfect plan. The imperfect plan is right until life changes; then, it is wrong and needs to be made right again. The imperfect plan is a starting place for a strategy that needs to be flexible and change along with your life in order to stay relevant.

Most important, the imperfect plan is SIMPLE. We take the perfect and break it down to the understandable nature of the imperfect. The answers lie in the imperfection.

In the webinars this next week, I am going to teach you how to build the framework for the imperfect plan so that you can live the retirement you always wanted. Make sure you sign up today!


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