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The Three Golden Rules of Money and Marriage

There are three rules when it comes to Money and Marriage. They are not easy rules to follow. This is especially true if you need to reverse some bad habits. The good news is that habits can change! Most importantly, living by these three rules can dramatically change your marriage for the better.

(1) Leave your ego at the door

Arguments and or discussions are mainly an opportunity to make someone right and someone wrong. What would happen if you lost the need to be right? To understand first and then be understood second?

(2) *Show Grace Always

This is the only rule with an asterisk because it might not always apply. There is no need to show Grace if you are truly perfect and without flaws of any type - really enough said.

(3) Use the first two rules to create a Stewardship Team

What if you and your spouse could get on the same page when it comes to money and stewardship? There is power when two people create a team approach to their finances rather than two people on two sides of the equation.

Bob Brooks is the host of the Prudent Money Radio Show heard every weekday from 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM on FM Radio 91.3 KDKR


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