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Every Client is a Big Client

You meet with an advisor.  After a few minutes of informal introductions, the advisor starts to ask a lot of questions. It doesn’t take long to ask what I call the “qualifier. “

What is the total of your investment portfolios? 


What is the qualifier? It is the question that advisors ask to make sure you meet the investment minimums so they can potentially accept you as a new client. If not, you don’t fit the mold of the “big client.” Brokerage companies have determined that there is too much liability in taking on new clients that don’t have a minimum amount of investments. Thus, you are shifted to option 2. This is where artificial intelligence saves the day. Meet your new advisor – the RoboAdvisor.


31 years ago, I decided that I wanted to be a financial advisor to help people. I feel incredibly blessed to get that opportunity through the radio show. I also wanted to help people regardless of their situation one-on-one as an advisor. Thus, there is a way you can get the help and guidance you need. No, I won’t be sending you to Bob the RoboAdvisor. You would be working with me. Here is how it works:


We would first set up an initial 30-minute phone call where we discuss your situation. From there, I can tell you how I can help you. Then, you decide if it makes sense.  

We handle things very differently. We don’t expect you to be at a certain investment level before we take you on as a client. We simply meet you where you are and look to what can be created going forward.


To schedule a no-cost 30-minute phone call, please click here to book online, or you can call our office using the number below:


You can either talk to Alyssa at 972-386-0384 or email us at

  • How does the Process work?
    I think that everyone needs a Financial Advisor in their life. OK – bias alert! I admit I am biased. I also know that not every Financial Advisor is a fit for everyone they meet. The process starts with a phone call. The objective of that call is to determine if I can even be of help to you. In most cases, I can refer you to someone if I am not a fit. For example, if you needed a will, I can refer you to someone I trust since I am not an attorney. The bottom line is that It is important to get you the help you need whether it is reaching a goal or solving a problem. In most cases, I can help you. At that point, we determine the next steps and go through the process. You determine the pace of the process. We can utilize phone conferences, in person meetings, or zoom calls during the process.
  • How do you feel about risk?
    Most people associate risk only with investments. Yet, risk plays a part in so many areas of your financial life. We assess risk and make sure that you have a comfort level with the level of risk that you are taking whether it be high risk or low risk. It is important to get that risk level right. Risk management is at the heart of the stewardship of any financial life.    
  • What are your fees and how do they work?
    Of course, it depends on my role as your Financial Advisor. It might be on an hourly rate, a one time fee per project, or an on-going investment management fee that is deducted from your new investment account. For example, if you need quick advice that can be accomplished by a phone call or email, there isn’t a charge. Keep in mind, you can always ask a question! Don't hesitate to use this resource for advice by phone or email at no charge. Further, there is never a fee when it comes to providing suggestions on how to improve what you're doing or to fix what is not working. These free resources are made available to your by the Prudent Money Foundation. For more in-depth advice, I charge a hourly rate. For comprehensive financial planning I will quote a one -time fee. Investment management of your retirement money is an ongoing management fee that is paid for out of the retirement account on a quarterly basis.
  • What are your minimums? Do I have enough for you to manage?
    This is a problem. The financial service industry is making it tougher and tougher to work with a financial advisor. They are continually raising the minimum amount needed to invest with them forcing the average person to work with an online Robo-advisor or have no access at all. I do things differently. 30 years ago, I became a Financial Advisor to help people not exclude them. Of course, it depends on the investment need. There is a program available for everyone. All designed to help you reach your financial goals. These investment options are based on the stewardship principles Bob talks about on his radio show.
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