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The Art of Detachment: Our Greatest Demonstration of Gratitude to God

Matthew 6:24 "No one can be a slave of two masters, since either he will hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot be slaves of God and of money.

I often refer to money as the god with the little g. It is easy to put god-like priority on it. Money has a powerful attraction. It produces feelings of power, security, confidence, happiness, etc. Money could be a great substitute god except for one problem: All of these wonderful emotions turn out to be short-term illusions that leave us empty.

The challenge with money is it takes a long time to realize that looking to money won't fulfill our needs. I mean, if I had all of the money in the world, why wouldn't I be happy? Surely this unhappiness I am feeling has nothing to do with money, right?

How ironic is it that the greatest temptation we have also creates the opportunity for the greatest blessing that can be given us? The temptation is to attach ourselves to money by giving it the highest priority in our lives. However, the blessing is not the money. The blessing comes in the form of detachment. It is at that point we can free ourselves of the need to control and look to God for our needs rather than the illusions money produces.

We demonstrate gratitude by letting go and following God's financial will for our lives. It is us demonstrating through action that we are thankful for everything He has given us. Putting God first with our finances opens the only door leading to financial peace.

There has never been a time more filled with worry when it comes to finances. Consequently, there has never been a more important time to put God first in our finances. Imagine a place where you do not have to be in financial risk. It happens when you commit to applying principles of stewardship to your life and showing gratitude by living in the financial will of God.

Once you let go, you soon wonder why you held on so tight.

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