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What They Aren't Telling You About Inflation

This one chart speaks volumes about what doesn't add up when it comes to inflation. The politicians don't mention it. The media doesn't even touch it. Those analysts who recognize this chart state that it is irrelevant because things are different now.When in fact, nothing is rarely different this time. When you understand what the chart says, it shows the inconvenient truth.

This Saturday, in my webinar, I will discuss this chart, and add two other important charts to this one, to show you the big picture. Please know that I understand the importance of keeping it simple and understandable. This should illustrate the risks that no one is talking about.

The Investing in Uncertain Times 45 minute Webinar will be held this Saturday, April 2nd at 9:00 AM. Plus we dive into how to invest in these uncertain times. Click here to sign up.


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