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What Will You Do Differently In 2023?

I have always loved the symbolism of New Year's Day. Close one year down and start a brand new one where the past was yesterday, whose meaning is how we interpret it, the future is not even real (no matter how many negative scenarios we run in our mind), and the present is the truest gift from God. Most people are willing to say good riddance and hope 2023 produces much better results.

How do you get better results? How do you live a year of significance?

Doing things the same way over and over will give you the same results. Your outcomes in life are a mirror image of your habits. If you want different outcomes, change your habits.


What if you started showing Grace in every moment rather than judgement?

What if you listened, seeking to understand before speaking?

What if you didn't need to be right? (secret- an opinion doesn't make you right.)

What if you spent less and saved more?

What if you focused on God rather than fear?

What if you studied God's word rather than sleep an extra 30 minutes?

What if you were proactive rather than prone to procrastination?

What if you made your health a priority rather than give in to a world of temptation?

What if you prayed rather than worried?

What if you spent 30 minutes reading every day rather than skimming social media?

What if you focused on the positive rather than always pointing out your interpretation of the negative?

What if you focused on building your confidence rather than being concerned about what other people thought?

What if you had a plan and a why for everything you did with money rather than just going through the financial motions?

What if you were to dedicate some time right now and contemplate what was not working in your life and change the habits to get different outcomes?

There are two great aspects of changing your life. First, the only thing that can stop you is you. Second, God is with you every single minute of the day, helping you close the old and open the new.

This is just a short list of habits. Most of these were easy to write because they are a part of my life. What about you? What would you add or subtract? What habits speak to you? What would your ultimate list look like?

Let me encourage you to print your list out or save it somewhere for easy access, intentionally read it multiple times throughout the day, practice new habits, and, most importantly, pray about which ones to start with. Look at it as a process and focus on the ones you are most drawn to. If just one of those new habits were to become the norm for you, imagine how better life would be.

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