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Easy Way To Spot A Spam Email

If it weren’t working, we wouldn’t get them. Spam emails are an everyday part of life. Scammers attempt to design emails to lure you in and get you to click a link or an attachment. If they are successful, the bad guys win and wreak havoc on your computer.

Most of them are obvious. However, there are the ones that create enough worry that you might just click through without thinking about it. Here is one that I received the other day.

This is one from the GEEKSQUAD@TEAM_MANAGER at Best Buy.

We wish to inform you that an invoice has been generated and has been attached to this email. Please take a look and revert back as soon as possible in case of any discrepancy.


The first thing that might go through your mind is that there has been a mistake – I didn’t use the GEEKSQUAD for anything. Before you go clicking through the attachment, take your cursor and click through the name of the sender. You might have to click a few times – I AM NOT SAYING TO CLICK THE LINK OR THE ATTACHMENT! This is what came up.


You will quickly see that this is not legit. Two other things to note – First, they would address the email to you versus saying hello customer. Second, reputable companies don’t send these types of emails.

If you click through and it still seems legit, then attempt to contact the sender, whether it be or BestBuyor whomever, and inquire about the email.

The golden rule of identity theft is to never respond to or give out information to anyone who contacts you without verifying the legitimacy of the correspondence. Obviously, inquire independently of the sender of the request.

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