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Horrible Service/Great Opportunity

We can blame it on Covid. We can blame it on the dynamics of employees working from home. We can blame it on politics or the changing of the times. Finally, we can blame it on the “lack” of employees. For someone who values customer service, I wish it were explainable. It doesn’t matter how we got here. The fact of the matter is that we are experiencing a pandemic of another kind.

Welcome to HS22 or Horrible Service 2022

So, when is it acceptable to be expected to wait on the phone for 4 hours to talk to someone live? Yes, we were presented with that opportunity last week. We graciously declined those 4 hours of looping music that every company in America seems to subscribe to for their hold time. Now, if you want to buy something, it is amazing how quickly they answer line 2. I could go on and on…. however, you get the point.

I was thinking about service ethic, and the opportunity dawned on me. I can only speak for myself. Tell me if this is you. I tend to hold people to a high expectation when it comes to service. If I don’t get that expectation met, I tend to get “crotchety,” as my wife Cheri points out, when I should take another route leading me to the first opportunity – show Grace.

You get the opportunity to show Grace when your experience doesn’t match the one you are “supposed” to get. Showing Grace is a lot like strengthening weak muscles. The more exercising you do, the stronger you become. Showing Grace is the same way. Repeating the act of Grace over and over will eventually become second nature.

Now I am not saying lay over and let people walk over you. There are ways to communicate with understanding, using that “non-condescending” voice, and displaying gratitude for the little bit of service they might offer. Remember, you are probably not the first person that day that was rude or condescending to that employee.

The second opportunity is showing exceptional service.

IF you are in the business of taking care of people or service, this is your time to step it up, shine, and go the extra mile. Co-workers, customers, and employers will without question notice it because the service ethic in this country has fallen off a cliff. It is not a high bar, considering the level of service we get today. You will stand out above the crowd. It is real simple. People just want to be taken care of in a reasonable manner and time. If you show Grace and treat people as you would want to be treated, you become memorable in a world where service has become forgettable.


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